There are two things you can do with old vinyl floor tiles that have asbestos in them. It can be removed or the other option is to cover it up.

If you choose to remove the asbestos tiles then it is important to follow all safety procedures in terms of removing and disposing of the toxic material. Click here to read more.

Covering up old tiles might be a good way to solve the problem. As long as they are in good condition without any cracks or damaged areas. If you do have some deterioration of the tiles, the damaged area could be sealed with an epoxy or another clear restorative coating. First gently clean the area, and make sure edges are dry. Never scrub or sand the tiles.   Apply the sealant and let dry. This way you have effectively sealed the asbestos vinyl tile floor

Some types of coverings you can use over your old floor tiles are carpeting, if it is in a basement you might want to consider something else due to dampness. Other options are to install new flooring over top of it. As long as you don’t disturb or damage the sealed area, this is a good option. There will be no further damage to the old tiles, with the new layer in-between.

For future reference it would be necessary if you sold the home to advise the new homeowner that there is asbestos tiles that are sealed and covered. It would be neglectful to not disclose this information, especially if in the future the new homeowner, unknowingly decided to tear up the newly laid flooring and exposed the old asbestos tiles.

Keep in mind, asbestos has many health concerns related to it. Making the correct decision, whether it is to have it removed or to encapsulate it and lay new flooring, your health should be considered first.

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