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Zap Asbestos – Your Top Choice for Asbestos Removal in Islip, NY

Zap Asbestos is the place to go if you need asbestos removal in Islip, NY. Zap Asbestos is an experienced group of asbestos removal experts who you can easily contact for a quick and complete service. Our expertise covers both commercial and residential properties. Find out more about our offers by calling our hotline today. Our team offers a wide range of solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. We always provide expert consultation sessions for free in order to explain the asbestos extraction procedures needed to get rid of the contaminated materials.

Why Do I Need An Asbestos Specialist in Islip, NY?

By having our team work on your properties, you can be assured to get every bit of asbestos removed. We guarantee to provide licensed abatement contractors to work on your requests as soon as possible. From the very start, Zap Asbestos has made a promise to deliver full asbestos removal and testing services in Islip, NY, and it is a promise well-kept up to now. We take pride in our expertise in identifying and removing Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Consulting with an expert is your best option if you want to save yourself from more expensive repairs and services.

Complete and Hassle-Free Removal and Testing for Asbestos in Islip, NY

With an efficient testing procedure, we can correctly determine if your ceiling, floor tiles, wallboard and other parts of the house contain asbestos. The first step to removing asbestos-contaminated materials is to conduct a test. Rest assured that we are fully licensed to perform testing procedures and asbestos removal in your area. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can easily spot the presence of asbestos in your walls, floors, pipes, and even in gas heaters. Our company has a solid track record as an asbestos removal company in Islip, NY.

We use a monitoring device to detect the levels of asbestos in the air. Sometimes we need to scrape off the material, especially for popcorn ceilings. When everything is cleaned up, we will issue a certification that your home or building is now toxic-free. Thanks to our modern tools and gadgets, asbestos in the air can be detected as well. After the removal service, a thorough air monitoring procedure is done to detect any remnants of substance.

Why Pick Our Team of Abatement Experts in Islip, NY

Zap Asbestos is a Islip, New York abatement specialists that deliver flawless gives you thorough services. Big or small, residential or commercial, we have seen it all. With an established legitimacy, our company is able to provide the necessary services for your convenience. Our company has handled innumerable cases in the past, ranging from very small houses to large corporate buildings. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can readily provide professional asbestos extraction service for all sorts of situation.

Remarkable Services for Your Properties in Islip, New York

At our company, you are sure to get 100 percent safe experience. We have been providing top-of-the-line deals for all our clients in Islip. Call our company anytime for a free advice and price quotation. Our consultation services are totally free. We have worked on every kind of contamination issue, hence we can assure the quality of our services.

The Recommended Time for an Asbestos Removal in Islip, New York

If you want to know more about our abatement packages, dial our hotline today. Our experts would be happy to explain everything to you. As soon as we identify the presence of asbestos in your Islip, New York property, we will schedule an abatement service right away. Worry not as we have all it takes to get the toxic minerals out of your home immediately. Our team would be happy to discuss the whole procedure via phone. Our contractors follow high standards in providing any type of removal service. Feel free to consult with our experts today.

Topflight Asbestos Removal Plus Other Services in Islip, NY

We provide tailor-made services in order to cater to our clients better. From floorings, building insulation to roof shingles, you can be sure to get the best treatment from our team of specialists. Through our high technology equipment, we can efficiently determine the severity of the situation. By working with a professional Islip asbestos removal contractor, you are sure to get spotless testing and abatement services. There are many removal companies in Islip, so it is important for you to choose a contractor that has the apparatus, experience, and knowledge required for the job.

Experience The Best Asbestos Removal Service in Islip, NY Today

Call our team of highly dedicated experts who can help you today. Minute in size, these minerals are potentially dangerous, causing respiratory symptoms in many individuals. Whenever we get called for an asbestos removal in Islip, NY, we immediately attend to the request because we know the perils of getting exposed to this hazardous chemical. Prolonged exposure can lead to the development of serious chronic conditions, like cancer. The material is very small, almost powdery nature. Take advantage of our packages today and ensure that your property is asbestos-free.

Toxic Material Removal Services in Islip, NY

Asbestos Removal in Islip, NY
Asbestos Inspection in Islip, NY
Asbestos Testing in Islip, NY
Asbestos Abatement in Islip, NY
Asbestos Disposal in Islip, NY

 Asbestos Abatement & Removal in Islip, NY

Different counties apply different regulations in the removal of asbestos. Before hiring any asbestos abatement contractors in Islip to help in any  procedures in your property, it’s important to verify some legal requirements, which might include:

• Licensing
• Liability insurance
• Accreditation from relevant organizations
• Good training in safe testing and removal of asbestos.
• A written contract stating all the local, federal and state laws that the contractor needs to observe like cleanup and disposal of the harmful materials

The occupants of the contaminated building have to be evacuated until the area is safe. Uncontaminated areas should be sealed-off to avoid contamination from the airborne asbestos dust. Generally, sealing off of safer areas of a building is done using duct tape, polyethylene fill and negative air pressure machines which should be filtered with HEPA filters. This prevents spread of fibers in the surrounding air.

What is asbestos abatement?

When removing the toxic  material in a building, the workers dampen the materials to reduce the spread of the dangerous fiber. Any ACMs that are removed are then contained in secure bags and disposed of at a toxic waste remove site. Workers should have standard OSHA gear which includes respirator masks, head covering, foot covering and full-body coveralls.

Services we provide:

Removal of Asbestos
Inspection & Testing
Vinyl Floor Tiles
Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Vermiculite Insulation in Attics
Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Areas in Your Islip Home

asbestos found in the home

 Asbestos Can Be Found:

  • attic insulation including blown in
  • vinyl floor tiles as well as floor adhesive underneath
  • window caulking and glazing
  • asbestos roof shingles
  • siding & fiber cement siding
  • asbestos siding
  • plaster & stucco
  • drywall joint filler
  • popcorn ceilings and asbestos ceilings
  • HVAC duct insulation
  • thermal pipe insulation

Encapsulation & Encasement In Islip, NY

Encapsulation or encasement is a safety procedure done by experts to treat ACM with the use of a sealant material that embeds asbestos fibers in an adhesive like matrix to prevent release of tiny  fibers.
The adhesive easily penetrates the ACM and binds its components. Removal of ACM is easy and safe after encapsulation. The procedure is also cost-effective.
If an asbestos testing company  has indeed confirmed the presence of ACM, it is important that the licensed  assessor gives details of the inspection in a report. It should identify the location, condition and type of asbestos in your premises.
For safety, it should also have recommendation about the placement of labels and signs showing the location, type and state of the asbestos. The report will help in the development of a plan to have for safe removal and abatement.

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